Stocking Suffers

1. Milk & Sass Travel Hair Brush 2. Invisi Bobble Hair Ties 3. Mac Tendertalk Lip Balm 4. Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish 5. Silicone Scrublet 6. Silicone Face Mask Applicator 7. Voluspa Candle 8. Happy Plug Headphones 9. Grapefruit Hand Cream 10. Beauty Blender

1. Milk & Sass Travel Hair Brush A Small Hair brush for travel or for your everyday purse. Easy to tame those fly-aways on the go. Has a mirror inside the lid which comes in handy for also putting on lipstick. I prefer this travel brush over others because of the lid, the lid keeps the hairs inside instead of messing up the bottom of your purse...gross.

2. Invisi Bobble Hair Ties Ever want to tie your hair back but don't want to be left with a kink in your hair JUST in case you want to put it down again later? These hair ties are the best for keeping away the dents in your hair. Invisi bobbles also don't tug or pull on hair which helps avoid breakage.

3. Mac Tendertalk Lip Balm A personalized tinted lip balm that changes colour with your body chemistry. The Tendertalk lip balm moisturizes and leaves a subtle colour - perfect for the everyday natural makeup wearer.

4. Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish The best nail polish formula I've ever tried. The brush is perfectly rounded which creates the easiest application. Sally's thicker formula allows for only one coat to be applied leaving it completely opaque.

5. Silicone Scrublet A two-in-one product that can be used as a facial exfoliator/mask remover or makeup eye brush cleaner. I'm sure there are many other ways to use this product I just haven't thought of them yet.

6. Silicone Face Mask Applicator Okay, I was WAY too excited when I found this... It was like all my face mask dreams had come true. The worst part about applying face masks is getting your fingers all dirty and removing tough charcoal masks - but this face mask applicator takes both of those problems away! One end being the applicator and the other the remover... Genius Sephora... GENIUS!

7. Voluspa Candle in the scent Panjore Lychee is the perfect all year round scent. I want my room to smell like this all the time. Its a lighter scent than most candles allowing for me to burn it longer without getting a headache. The Panjore Lychee scent is fresh and summery but that doesn't stop me from burning it all year long.

8. Happy Plug Headphones The cutest earphones on the market. They have great sound, have a mic for chatting on the go and are less than $50! I've bought Happy Plugs for so many people I can't even keep count.

9. Grapefruit Hand Cream I love grapefruit scented anything but these hand creams are truly amazing - they aren't super thick so they sink into your skin and don't leave a greasy residue. The cream comes in many other scents like coconut and strawberry are my other two faves.

10. Beauty Blender The ultimate way to apply makeup - but don't be fooled by getting your favourite colour beauty blender, depending on the colour they are different sizes and densities. My favourite colour is the light pink but the marble is a good one too. They are by far the softest most squishy sponges out of the beauty blender line.

11. Warsh Cloth As an honourable mention in this years gift guide (which I talked about in my YouTube video) I'd like to add the Warsh Cloth as it is a miracle cloth that takes off your makeup with just water... yes even waterproof mascara.

Happy Shopping!!

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