Gifts for Him

1. Wonderboom 2. Airpods 3. Nike Gym Bag 4. Baxter Clay Pomade 5. SAXX 6. Watch Collection Box 7. Nivea Post Shave Balm 8. Wireless Charging Pad 9. Daniel Wellington Watch 10. Roots Sweater

1. Wonderboom - Waterproof and bluetooth speaker! Great for bringing with you to the beach (it floats in the water too!). Up to 10 hours of incredible 360-degree sound! I also recommend getting the case you can buy with it to make it easy for travel and storage.

2. Airpods - The latest and greatest when it comes to bluetooth/wireless earphones... at least that's what Wes thinks. These are great if you no longer want to be bothered with getting caught up in wires.

3. Nike Gym Bag - Weather they use it as a gym bag or a weekender bag it will always come in handy.

4. Baxter Clay Pomade - great as an add on gift or stocking stuffer for those guys looking to keep their hair looking styled and fresh.

5. SAXX - The 'Statue of David' when it comes to men's underwear - a true masterpiece. I can't speak for myself but I have heard only rave reviews from all the men in my life. This is one of the gifts I give every single year because everyone needs new underwear!

6. Watch Collection Box - Notice that new watch your friend had on? Yeah, he needs a spiffy box for that watch to go in. This is the perfect way to display and store watches as you can see the watches through the clear lid!

7. Nivea Post Shave Balm - Another one of Wes' favourites. I originally bought this as a primer for myself (don't ask) but he ended up stealing it from me and has been repurchasing it for years now!

8. Wireless Charging Pad - These things blow my mind every time. It charges your phone while it is placed on the pad... that's right, no cords to plug into your phone, just pop it on top! (make sure your phone is compatible with it before buying)

9. Daniel Wellington Watch - The class of all class. This is the perfect accessory for any man in your life - boyfriend/husband, dad, grandpa... you name it - they will love it!

10. Roots Sweater - Spoken like a true Canadian - What's winter without Roots sweats? I love getting sweaters for Wes because it usually means I get to borrow (steal) them.

Happy Shopping!

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