Sunscreen Essentials

To celebrate National Sunscreen Day, I am putting together a list of all my SPF faves!

This is the first year I have been introduced to sunscreen products that aren't for the entire body - specifically SPF's to wear alone or under makeup (products made for your face). This alone has changed the sunscreen game for me. I used to hate applying regular greasy sunscreen on my face. They made my skin breakout and were so heavy on my skin which either made my makeup look like crap or without makeup, look like I just rubbed olive oil on my face! BRUTAL.

Now I have a roaster of products that I love using daily which all apply beautiful with or without makeup. These products have made me excited to add them into my routine for a couple reasons; I know they won't break me out, they are much easier consistency to work with, & don't make my face look like I just ran a marathon (sweaty, red mess).

Clinique Daily UV Protector

First up on my roaster is the Clinique Pep-Start Daily UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 50 which I was introduced to a year ago through a Sephora sample. This products has a slight tint to it, which is a bummer as it won't match everyone's skin tone, however it is very sheer coverage. It's similar to a BB cream in consistency and coverage. I love how it is SPF 50, so I know I will be covered all day. I wore this on my trip to LA and even though I got burnt the first day (because I didn't have it on), I wore it the rest of the week and my skin stayed protected. I like applying it with a brush as it can sometimes leave streaks on my face. I like setting it with a powder to add more coverage and tone down the glow a bit.

Next up, is the newest product on my roaster but probably my favourite one of all, is the Supergoop! Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50. Unfortunately living in Canada, it is more difficult to get this brand as we have so many sunscreen regulations BUT if you have an amazing friend like I do, (@missappanna) going to the States, they can grab you some Supergoop! products to try! First of all, this product concept blew my mind... glow stick (yes), SPF 50 (yes!), Glowy Sunscreen (YES!). This 'oil like' formula glides so smoothly onto the skin, light enough to not clog your pores and easily blended into the skin with your fingers. This product is super glowy and looks great as a base for makeup or alone. Leaves your skin feeling moisturized rather than greasy. Amazing product concept, major win for me!

Lastly, if I'm really feeling lazy, I apply the Bare Minerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 which is an all over face powder foundation that has flawless coverage. Not only is it extremely quick and easy to apply but it also has a natural finish leaving your skin with a beautiful glow. With only SPF 15, it's not enough to protect my skin for the entire day, but it does work on days that I'm working and in and outdoors. I love this for taking on vacation for being practical with being an SPF & foundation all in one. (If I'm going to be outside I would layer this on top of another SPF.

Overall these products are a MAJOR step up from the basic regular sunscreen products I was using last year. So happy that these products make adding sunscreen into my routine no longer a chore!

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