Sephora's Spring Sale is here! These are the top MUST-HAVE products from Sephora (April, 2020). Curated picks from Youth to the People, Kosas, Drunk Elephant & more. This sale only comes twice a year so this is a great time to stock up on your favourites, try new products and treat yourself to a discounted luxury product!

First things first... when can I shop? If you're wondering when the dates are for each tier of Sephora's Beauty Insider Program, the dates are as follows:




If you are like me, you always have your Sephora cart full of items you wish to buy, but once the sale comes along, it's time to cut down that $400 list and BE REALISTIC. This is how I choose items to purchase during the sale and what to pass on.

1. Repurchase

When putting together my list I usually start with items that I am running low on in my skincare or makeup that I would like to repurchase. This covers, foundation, concealer, mascara, face wash, moisturizer, serums... etc.. This should also include products that will run low before the next sale around the holidays. For example I know my trusty Drunk Elephant Protini is great for winter months but since I am running low on it now, I may run out before the next sale next winter so it is best I grab a backup now rather than have to pay full price later. Don't forget to ask your friends and family if they would like to stock up as well... not only are you helping them out by giving them your discount, but you are also racking up their points!

2. Essentials

By 'essentials' of course I don't mean real essentials like toothpaste or toilet paper... I mean Sephora Essentials which to me are on the same scale as regular essentials but to each their own... haha.

My Sephora essentials consist of products that must always be in my collection, for example, these lip products are must haves for me.

Even though I will never ever run out of lip balms, for some reason I always find a new lip balm that is way better than the last. Recently I have discovered and locked down my all time THREE favourite lip products... yes, that means that I could throw out all other lip products and be totally fine with just these three!

3. Treat Yourself

The last items are ones that are not necessary but are 'nice to haves'. These items are on the pricier side which is why I wait until the sale to purchase them. I wouldn't normally purchase them without the sale price. Usually when the sale comes I treat myself to an item that is a luxury such as a face mask, a luxurious facial mist, a blush (I love blush especially cream blush), or a luxurious facial oil. These are the products I currently have in my collection or have purchased in the past and love them all but I love them even more with the sale price.

If you need help with specific product recommendations, I have curated a few from each category that are my top picks from Sephora. I've included hydration products, lip products, clean makeup products, my favourite Youth to the People Products, my favourite Drunk Elephant products and more!

Hydrating Product Recommendations:

Lip Product Recommendations:

YTTP Product Recommendations:

Clean Makeup Product Recommendations:

Moisturizing Product Recommendations: